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Thursday Threes - Part I

First of a new series where I'll post 3 links to intellectual property news or info on Thursdays. Because sometimes, someone's already written a blog post on it! 😛


For the premiere of HBO's "WestWorld" second season, I wrote a blog on how the show's name was not protected by a registered trademark. If you're not familiar with the original show or movie, the story follows the employees and robots that create an immersive “western” experience for wealthy guests who violently rebel. The only registered WESTWORLD trademark is owned by the City of Scottsdale, an wealthy resort location in Arizona. Warner Brothers' trademarks are still pending but will be registered before the fourth season airs. The filming of the newest season was held-up because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the delays to registration is the USPTO's backlog that was partially caused by the pandemic. COVID-19 has affected everything, and Scottsdale's "Westworld" doesn't feel like a western rodeo anymore, as it's been used as a massive testing and vaccine location.


Buckingham Palace told the owner of a Trump-themed campaign bus to stop using a photoshopped image of the Queen. The owner denies ever getting a cease-and-desist letter, but is removing the image all the same. I tempted to believe he totally did get a C&D from the Palace and from Mike Pence's lawyer since he promptly complied.

Link to Read - Via Buzzfeed News


Vice filmed a short documentary (~17 minutes) about how Cabbage Patch Dolls invented by Xavier Roberts were ripped off a design and marketing style of a Kentucky soft sculptor, Martha Nelson Thomas. Martha hadn't properly registered her copyright to the laws of the time, but they did end up settling so I'm happy she was able to get some sort of payment.

Link to Watch - Via Vice on Youtube



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