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Thursday Threes - Part 9

Link round-up for the week!


Did you know the USA government uses blockchain? Read this great paper from attorney Daniel J. Neally on blockchain use by governmental bodies.


What happens to reproductions of famous art in movies? In the biographical movie about Jackson Pollack, the filmmakers obtained a license from Pollack's estate to make reproductions for the movie and were able to keep the art in studio storage but some movies have different licenses, often requiring the movie studio to destroy the copies. To learn more, here is a Vanity Fair article.

collage of 4 images of blockchain imagines as a Jackson Pollack painting where lines and a B bitcoin logo are imagined in splatter and flow paint styles

On the topic of art, "Couple pays over $240K to have Banksy mural removed: ‘Living nightmare’." The article from New York Post details the situation further as the Banksy mural caused an uptick in vandalism and the high cost of security was becoming difficult for the landlords, who at the same time were receiving pressure from the city to keep the mural from being a nuisance attraction. The good news is they'll likely be able to recoup the costs of removal by reselling the mural to a collector.


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