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Thursday Threes - Part 7

Link round-up for the week!


The premium cable channel Starz has sued MGM, arguing that Starz had an exlusive right to offer Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure for streaming while MGM has offered the film to other streaming services. MGM claimed that Starz filed too late, but the Court said that they did not and the lawsuit can proceed. Read More at The Wrap The interesting thing to me is it sounds like Starz doesn't have a system to check this, instead it was simply an employee who subscribes to lots of streaming services that brought up the issue. While the best defense can be employees reporting infringement (this is one of Nike's enforcement policies) companies should also pay for monitoring services.


Sometimes in stings, law enforcement will use the trademarks of real companies. While this is likely trademark infringement, it is a rare occurrence.

Watch More at NFL 12 minute video on Youtube about law enforcement's use of the "Redskins" logo. Read more at SMH.


Not a link to read more at, but I attended a Continuing Legal Education class that discussed trade secrets and the NCCGroup was suggested for escrow when transferring copyright and code material. Link to about page. Most startup clients are only familiar with escrow in the context of real estate, but it is useful for intellectual property and "virtual" property.


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