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Thursday Threes - Part 6

Here are 3 interesting links for reading.

3D printed products are usually NOT food safe

3D printing involves the slow build-up plastic. Lots of tiny ridges and crevasses form in the printing process, which are perfect for E. coli and salmonella. Even if a high-tech printer is used for smooth products, the resin is usually not food safe as the chemicals will seep into any food it touches. While the future is here to help you build fake props from Star Wars, usually, 3D printers should not be used to make blue milk mugs. Read more at Form Labs

Florida man charged with counterfeiting $1 billion dollars of CISCO phones

This story of CISCO finally getting an arrest of a long-time counterfeiter is a ride. Read more at Data Center Dynamics

Wimbledon Tennis has trademarked their colors

It takes extensive evidence to obtain trademark protection of colors, and Wimbledon have secured their green and purple combination. Read more at


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