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Thursday Threes - Part 5

Reading Link Round-Up!


Quentin Tarantino, screenwriter and writer of Pulp Fiction, created themed non-fungible tokens which Miramax says violates the Pulp Fiction movie. Tarantino argues that since he owns the screenplay copyright, Miaramax has no claim. The NFT sold for $1.1 million dollars. It's too early to see how this plays out, but the Miaramax attorney is adamant that Tarantino sold his screenplay rights to Miramax so it doesn't make a difference that he wrote it, he can't sell a Pulp Fiction NFT.


I just learned an interesting wrinkle to Yuga Labs, Inc. v. Ryder Ripps, et al. - Ryder Ripps alleged Yuga Labs to have white superracist ties. Quite a few parties have tried to rip off Yuga Labs, so I always wondered why they chose to go after that party specifically. Prior beef explains the fervor of the case and it's news coverage.

The thing to watch all these NFTs cases for is the application of the First Sale Doctrine and Fair Use Doctrine. While NFTs may be just as fleeting as LaserDiscs, the law will still apply to future copyright and trademark cases.


This case is mostly rooted in Jack's Hard Cider's alleged violation of a contract with Jack Daniel's. However, if the court finds cider and whiskey are related or identical goods, this could be a major blow to craft breweries, distilleries, and cideries.

2 Martini glasses full of red liquid with lemon slices behind 3 glasses filled with blue, yellow, and green frozen drinks with limen and lemon slices are on the table with a man in a white shirt crossing his arms in the back


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