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Thursday Threes - Part 4

Hello! I've been quiet on this blog because I've been writing posts for my work blog.

Trademark Office Issues New Guidelines for Generic Trademarks

Even if the USPTO loses a case at the Supreme Court, they never truly let it go. In my opinion, the new exam guide for generic review echoes Justice Stephen Breyer's dissent, the lone argument in favor of the USPTO's rejection of .COM type trademarks. Read more via my blog post at

Elon Musk says trade secrets are more important than patents

Elon Musk prefers trade secrets to patents as he wants to avoid competition undercutting his business. He's right, patent law encourages copying. That's the point.

The government offers protection of inventions in exchange for disclosure of inventions. As a society, we've decided 20 years of protection is worth the decades of new inventions based on the disclosed invention. It does not benefit the community as a whole if everyone keeps their secrets to themselves. Elon Musk famously has muddled beliefs, mixing democratic and right-wing politics, so of course he will not extol the virtues of the "Great IP Bargain." Read more at The Fashion Law

Do you know what is a "brushing" scam?

From the US Postal Inspectors, a "brushing scam" is a scheme or sending people unsolicited packages to boost online e-commerce rankings. The most famous case was people receiving seeds in 2020, which was likely motivated by third-party sellers trying to boost rankings with Amazon. Read more at The Atlantic


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